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Those of us who are more academically or artistically inclined may experience difficulty conforming to the linear timeline of a typical house project. This limitation of mind is hard to accept. My preference is to rely on inspiration to start projects, spread my energies across many projects at a time, while always maintaining my faith that it is my process, and not pragmatic goal directed behaviour, that will produce results that cannot be faulted. 

This works for me on small projects without the need to ignore too much counterfactual evidence. Now when contemplating a bathroom or kitchen reno, or larger contracted work that is far less inspiring than installing crown moulding or restoring stained glass (think: HVAC, electrical, etc.), I reach my own limits of mind and descend into a disorganized abyss.

So if you find yourself partnered with a more managerial linear thinker, he or she may insist that you plan those damn house projects. Presumably, self preservation on their part …

House Project Planner Template (MSword .doc)

For those that have grown weary of paying for buggy frustrating software, the template has also been saved in the incredible Open Office productivity suite which is a freely downloadable (http://www.openoffice.org/) open-source alternative to MS products. 

House Project Planner Template (Open Office .odt)

The basic template organizes multistage projects, the priority rank of the project, estimated and actual timelines and costs and completion dates. Alter and change the template as you need.

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